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I’m really sorry that happened to you and your family. that’s exactly what’s wrong though… one accident, one illness, one death in the family can throw everything into chaos. it happens all the time and it’s shameful that we have no better way to deal with it than “rugged individualism.”I decided a long time ago that I’m just not the strength of an individual… I won’t take my chances. I hope your children grow to acknowledge and respect your resilience. I appreciate that. I only tell my story on threads like this to let people know, it can happen to anyone. We really are in a precarious position.

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Before my daughter was born I and my wife (24ish) had about 5k saved up. Then she was born premmie and that 5k was gone. We haven’t had more than a few hundred bucks in our savings account since then. We are just one bad thing happening away from being totally fucked. Older people I work with talk about retiring…I will never be able to retire cause by that time social security won’t be a thing and I’m 35 with no pension or investments cause I need the cash TODAY to take care of things, I can’t afford to plan for 30 years from now.

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