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Vote people, exercise your right, and take the initiative the make your vote count. If anyone one of us that took a minute watching, participating, or even discussing the recent protests/marches then you sure as hell have enough time to enter your address on this link and vote. Do it! One of the most challenging stories for future historians to write is how the fuck a reality TV show host scummy casino-owning NY elite who has scammed and conned people his entire life… the guy who defrauded the government of $400 million dollars.. the anti-vaxxer, climate-denying conspiracy theorist.. the guy with 20+ sexual assault allegations.. the guy whose only “political experience” was accusing Obama of being born in Kenya like the blatant racist piece of shit he is…

Pretty Flowers Autism I See Your True Colors That’s My I Love You Shirt

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When Trump finally receives his comeuppance, I can’t say that joy will be my most common feeling. Rather, just…. sadness. I’m so sad that someone like this can gain so much support. I’m so disappointed by such a huge chunk of my fellow Americans and how this idiot somehow convinced them he had their interests in mind. Even his Republican supporters and the GOP Congress are going to become his enemy soon if he loses the election. He is going to insult his base, call them trash/worthless. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind. If you are a Trump supporter reading this, that’s right – he’s going to turn on YOU. He is a severe narcissist and his supporters are only valuable to him as long as they help him. After that, they are nothing.

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