Pretty Even Bigfoot Had A Fish Story Shirt

There was a Pretty Even Bigfoot Had A Fish Story Shirt Asian girl who was well-liked by everyone. To help anyone struggling in class, and was generally a nice person but her uncle scammed a lot of people in her community, including parents of kids that went to are school. She went from being well-liked to being bullied still she dropped out of school. He tried to coerce his then-girlfriend (both of them were 14 at the time) to have sex when that didn’t work and the girl told everyone he played the victim and threatened to kill himself. Which of course he didn’t. Got really into astrology. (Gemini, Virgo, cancer.) Kept on hitting (Assaulting) people with a metal bottle, and was in general just an asshole that only like, 7 people tolerated. I follow her on Instagram and all her stories are memes about astrology. It’s the Instagram equivalent of Facebook minion memes. When she made fun of me in front of everyone, for wearing a yellow shirt to school. It was just a plain yellow shirt and she somehow found.

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Pretty Even Bigfoot Had A Fish Story Hoodie

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