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I’m going after 3 VR experiences. 1) Sports Scramble will allow us to do essentially Wii bowling with audio chat in an immersive setting. It’s simple and well, fun. 2) Wander is an app that lets you navigate anywhere Google Streetview has gone, so he’ll be able to sight-see the world.. from his couch, 3) Gadgeteer is a problem solving rube-Goldberg machine making problem where you line up the dominoes to knock down the teeter-totter to flip the ball over to the track.
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Thanks to all that commented and for the gold! I will get some video of him trying it out and post it. I don’t expect any wide-eyed reaction as he did experience VR for the first time over the summer. He wanted to get one right then, but the Quest was sold out everywhere. That was the test to see if there was going to be any grief (nausea, disorientation, etc) and there was nothing out of the normal.