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The nurse who tested positive for the virus, who purposefully infected my sister while she was at her house, did so because they (edit: the nurse) believe it’s a hoax and not as serious if an issue as it’s made out to be just because my area isn’t overrun by cases (yet still has thousands of cases). The brainwashing these people have undergone to believe such nonsense from their shitty leaders is astounding (surprise surprise the nurse is an avid Trump-supporting veteran). We as a people are truly fucked at the moment. It’s going to take something yuge to fix this.

Yep, I’ve had this argument so many times and the source for this info is always one of the Trump rally press conferences where he lies constantly. The official guidelines, if anything, are clear that the death numbers are likely underrepresented. Never mind that pools wouldn’t have been open yet. But I also did research and this literally is a 100% verifiable lie seeing as there have been zero deaths under 17 in NJ and only one infant with COVID in surrounding states that was recovering.

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