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Seriously. I remember standing in line at a grocery store one day and these 2 white, trailer-trash, fatass women were intently sharing a National Inquirer magazine and talking about how bad Jennifer Aniston has it in some broken relationship. It was enough to make a buzzard puke. Those consumers are ruining actors’ lives by trying to live through them vicariously. The most important thing to know about Toby Micky G is that he is a hell of a poker player, and literally like all celebrity poker moves are based on this guy. He taught Matt D, Leo, Bennie A. The biopic or whatnot is called Molly’s Game, but Toby cleaned them all out.

Premium When God Made Sons He Gave Me The Best Shirt


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If you trust the characterization in Molly’s Game it’s not so much that he was gambling as that he was doing psychopathic shit to intentionally destroy people. Like the thrill came from controlling people and hollowing them out more than actually winning. I remember a story about Daniel Radcliffe doing a play and he had an outfit ready for when he left the theater that was the exact same, every day, for 6 months. None of the paparazzi photos could be sold because it just looked like they reused the same shot.