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The real takeaway from this is that Donald Trump is poor. He’s a failure as a businessman, he’s not only broke, he’s $400 million in the hole, and that debt is probably due to some shady Russian government-scale kneecap-breaking shady loan shark. The fact that it’s unfair doesn’t matter to Trump’s base, and this is why the Democrats crying about how little he paid (“$750! Oh the shame!”) are missing the mark. This isn’t a big deal to them. They already believe that taxes are unfair, and are proud of Dear Leader for evading them.

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But it is reasonably clear that at least some of his ventures were profitable–the main Trump Tower in Manhattan reportedly has generated positive income for a long time, he got a ton of income from the apprentice, etc. Thanks for posting this. My understanding of the American tax process is nonexistent. I understand that is a bureaucratic nightmare made for those who cannot afford to get around it, and that the released numbers are ludicrous, even if ultimately “legal”.