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That movie is a product of a very exact moment in time. A few years earlier and too few people would have been on the internet, so they wouldn’t have been able to spread their “viral” marketing campaign. A few years later and people would have been able to quickly fact check and find out it wasn’t real. I was a young teenager when it came out, and the way I remember it, we were all sort of skeptical of its legitimacy, but we at least thought it was within the realm of possibility that it was a real documentary.

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I’m glad I didn’t hallucinate that. I remember watching it as a teenager and having a while “what the fuck” moment after watching it. I waited for a year or so for it to come out after that, thinking the whole time that it was real. Then watched the movie thinking that. Bro, I’m from the Bay Area, the theater that I went to was independent, small, old-timey…and they had the “actual stuff” that they had been discovered in that forest displayed inside of cases…

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