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As a Canadian, I am so grateful for the government’s timely and drastic measures. I’m in the small minority that wasn’t affected by this financially as I already worked from home full time. I do not qualify for anything, but my fellow Canadians deserve every cent! Oh wait.. we don’t have those anymore… Seriously though I’m worried about the Canadian Government opening the border too soon, especially for summer. So many Americans must have cottages here. Summer could be a shit show. I hope if the military is positioned at the border it’s to keep them in! Stay safe eh? The health authorities have the authority right now and are following the trends and data. Don’t worry about letting our guard down to soon. The decision-makers understand that the cost would not be worth the risk. I’m more worried about cabin fever causing us citizens to let our guard down too soon around distancing and isolation.

Premium Peace Love Alabama Crimson Tide Shirt

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I wouldn’t really attribute this as faith in our government per se, but being able to compare our government’s action and reaction with other nations like the US and the UK, and seeing the situations evolve in other countries has definitely given us a boost in morale, I think. Like, as long as we’re not doing as bad as “that” guy, we’re good.Absolutely. But you can’t expect the millions who happily voted in their doom to realize that. They’ll just see our clean air and water, our functional hospitals and social net, and they’ll want it, so they think they have the right to take it. It’s the fundamental common perspective that ties Trump voters together: “I want it, so I deserve it, and if I don’t have it, it’s your fault, not mine.”

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