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we really do need to change Christmas, though. We can’t keep making piles of trash just because we can “afford” to. COVID was caused by our consumption, ultimately, and we’re on a trajectory that leads to the end of our species, which also includes Christmas. Think of how insanely gluttonous this has all become? If you’re over a certain age, you remember people from a time where their consumption was relatively static. The phone came with the house and “upgrading” was a wasteful thing assholes did; most of us got things repaired. Now, look at us. We make disposable things with electronics in them more sophisticated than the shit that ran space missions.

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Wrapping paper is just trash that hasn’t made it there yet. What do you make/get/buy on Christmas that isn’t in the trash by the next year? There’s no direction to our resource consumption; we’re not actually using them to GET anywhere, just randomly burning them at each other.our consumption has become our identity. We don’t even bristle at being called consumers, neither are we all that concerned that we’re being tracked and monitored CONSTANTLY in order to better sell us more shit we don’t need

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