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One time we were out driving looking for yard sales on a Saturday. A small group of about 3 girls about 11-13ish were hanging out on a corner house by the stop sign. I noticed that every time a car drove by- the girls would “dab on them”. You know- that thing where kids would do that parallel arm thing and then nod their head down dramatically? Every time they did it, they would crack themselves up. I mentioned it to my spouse because I thought it was cute and funny

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Premium Mb King 2020 Shirt

We must’ve come around the block completely cuz now we approached the girls’ Stop sign very slowly (looking out for yard sales, mind you.) Well, our slow advance to their corner got them all a little concerned it seemed. As we stopped- my spouse (driver) and I locked eyes on all of em. I told my spouse without moving my lips, “Dab on em babe- DAB ON EM!” My spouse is old and frankly, I ain’t exactly young either.

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