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In Italian it’s called “guardare il vuoto”, stare at the void/the empty/nothing. It’s used to describe those moments in which you are in your world and your eyes aren’t concentrated on something, and they essentially watch the air between your eyes and the objects in front of you. The eyes are relaxed and aren’t focusing on something, so, looking at slightly different directions, they make things go double and blurry my language we call it “staring at infinity”. I accidentally did that once while eating and a friend who was sitting across from me said “want an onion ring?”.

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I looked confused, and my brother said “no, she was staring at infinity, and infinity happened to be behind your onion rings”. Then I turned around to get something from my bag, and the onion ring guy, who is a mathematician, said “oh, are you staring at minus infinity now?”I asked about this a few years back. It’s basically your brain taking a time to breathe for a second before returning to reality. Think about it being your brain lagging and catching up.

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