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How do you know that you or your partner didn’t come off as rude to her? Perhaps your fear of going into the place showed up as snooty or snobbish? Just because some people are rude and your brown boyfriend coincidentally is brown does not mean racism was involved, regardless of how easy it is to toss up the race card in Honkeyville USA.

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Not to play devil’s advocate, but are you sure she wasn’t rude because you guys are tourists? Maybe it was racism, which would be totally fucked. However, it’s pretty selfish to be on vacation in someone else’s back yard during a pandemic. I live in a small mountain town and this summer half of California, New York, and Texas decided to vacation here, because it’s isolated. Well, guess what, that’s why we live here in the first place and when the tourists started coming in, our cases skyrocketed. Bozos on vacation placed the entire community at risk and people literally died as a result.

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