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Anyway, as one of the people on the conference committee my job was to host several of the various break-out sessions, make sure the WebEx meeting was working, introduce the presenter of the session, monitor the q and a, etc. I also made sure to mute the participants once it was time for the speaker to start. With it being the online campus’s turn to host, we came up with the idea to make it a virtual conference which faculty members could attend from home or go to their own campus and attend with their peers in a classroom.

Premium I Was There Sometimes I Still Am Shirt


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In a math class I was in last year, we were taking a test, which you have to turn your mic on for—their way of trying to prevent cheating. Some girl apparently forgot that hers was on and started belting out Stand By You by Rachel Platten at the top of her lungs. It went on for the entire song and she was still humming it when I finished the test and left the call. My sweet old Russian professor had us do the same thing for our final. At one point text-to-speech for google translate goes off saying “2011” which was one of the years we had to translate into Russian. The girl got away with saying “Oh sorry sir went off for some reason”.