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Let’s be honest  Premium I Am A Nice Person Shirt here, she was probably in the US this whole time, and there’s a good chance this was a negotiated surrender. They give her time to get her affairs in order and do whatever she wants before she has to hand herself in. The rich live in an entirely different world than us. Here’s the thing, she’s not going to talk. These people protect one another, and even if she did it would be redacted. There’s no way we would be allowed to see dozens if not hundreds of names of prominent businessmen. Entertainers, athletes, and other elites. It would shake the pillars of our culture. They are too important. Hell, they’ll probably try and spin some PR and make them look like heroes, and we’ll eat it up because the masses are stupid. She was arrested because she let them arrest her. Who knows how long they’ve been negotiating behind closed doors.

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