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I worked at a college bar and one time this drunk guy kept trying to get one of the bartenders to go home with him. She was just trying to be nice because he was tipping a lot during the night but when I heard him say that he would pay our manager to let her clock out and go home with him I was dying of laughter. The bartender asked me if I could do something. I knew the drunk guy so I went and put my arm around him to start leading him out asking how lit he was and other generic shit to distract him to the door. I was on a group date with a guy when he brought his ukulele out and started playing a song on it. I had to use the restroom, so I stood up and excused myself. By the time I was back, he was thankfully done.

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So I mostly avoided him until one point where we got clustered into a room that happened to have a punching bag, and he decided to show off how amazing his elbows were. That was the point where I realized he must be stopped. I was at a party an my best friend was there with me. It was at someone’s house who lives close to a crocodile farm. I wasn’t feeling well so didn’t drink that night but my friend on the other hand was drunk like a sailor. Long story short he wanted to wrestle a croc to try and impress some girls. He worked in wildlife so he knew what he was doing but wrestling a croc while drunk is seriously looking for trouble.