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There are so many cheesy analogies I’m trying to avoid here, but in all ways- disease sets in when you do nothing. It doesn’t matter what people’s good wishes or intentions are, if you aren’t actively combating disease, staying fit, educating yourself; you get sick. Your muscles atrophy. Your brain gets tired and slow. It happened because a lot of people did nothing. People who didn’t want to disrupt their lives, people who didn’t want to make a scene, didn’t want to be rude, didn’t want to get involved, people who didn’t want to come off as a radical, people who “aren’t political”, people who simply believed nothing would be that bad.

Premium Boston Bruins Lady Sassy Classy And A Tad Badassy Shirt

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My girlfriend lives in Canada and these cunts are making it worse. I haven’t seen her since fucking February. If I had it my way, I’d take all these covidiots, sterilize them, strap them to a rocket, and launch their oxygen-wasting asses straight into the sun. Pieces of shit. I was discussing this with some friends, they pointed out how the US blocked all incoming travel from other countries earlier, and this is the world returning the favor. Didn’t realize it at the time, but they’re kinda different scenarios.

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