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A big problem with deer is that they eat buds off of trees and flowers, so the flowers don’t grow which hurts the butterfly/bee population. And it’s stupid because the flower buds are so small and low calorie so the deer have to eat all of them to survive. Hunting is very important to keep their population from growing too large. Also for every deer, there is a chance that Wasting Disease could make the jump from deer to human. If that ever happened we would have a very big problem.

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Premium Bluey Dad Shirt

I agree with this completely. Maybe a better standard would be: learn to handle yourself and the world appropriately/respectfully before you have kids, so you can focus on teaching them to do the same. Learning how to parent is definitely a process. That said, if a person is super impatient and disrespectful, they probably ought to work on themselves before having a child. I feel like a lot of people have children and never consider that what they are doing is creating and caring.

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