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Luckily neither were broken that stuck out of the skin. The surgeon put a titanium rod in my femur and I was starting to walk two days later. My arm looks like I have a hairbrush in it from the x-rays. Plate along the length of the arm with the majority of the screws going into the ball of my shoulder. My accident was about 5 years ago. I have no training or education on physical therapy but the physical therapists told me that with injuries your brain will learn a new way to move if something is damaged. My entire shoulder would lift like I was shrugging when I would reach in front to grab something. The exercises are intended to slowly strengthen the damaged area and “re-teach” your brain to move the body like normal. We ended up also using electro-stim to get the muscles to start working.

I’m trying to be careful not to roll my ankle or twist it much, it’s coming along well, stopped using my cane two days ago, finally much to my hand’s relief lol (bruised my palm). Just going to the end of our driveway and back, taking an arthritis medication to aid in reducing inflammation, lots of elevating my leg and babying it and stretching it under its own power to as far as I can and holding it for a bit while I’m in bed. I’m soon to be past the post-op period and can seek medical treatment through other providers instead of relying on the one that was nearest the crash (luckily it was just me, a deer, and a tree involved.. And I got the worst of it. Actually the car did hahaha. I’m fortunate though). Anyways, I appreciate your comment and thanks for the encouraging words =). Have a good one!

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