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Not me but I worked with a guy that went active duty at 18 and had to make a will before he deployed with the military. In is current will even as a 30 something-year-old married man with a son. His remains are to be cremated mixed with c4 and detonated. If it’s an accident or natural causes: I want my family to pry whatever organs still work out of me and sell (not donate, sell) them at a premium, then dump what’s left in a cremator. Bury the urn, or container, somewhere in my house’s back yard, with concrete, and alongside a certain thing, I mentioned in my will.

Pokemon Friend Halloween Shirt


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Those are my 4 preferred ways. Though, id probably is fine with almost anything, besides being buried. Due to the ways of preserving the body for funerals, it isn’t good for the environment. Also, id much rather a cheap funeral, or none at all. Those things are hella expensive I would want to be cremated and have my Ashes to be in a diamond, put into a necklace have someone in my family inherit it, and continue to pass on the necklace for future generations. And yes, cremation diamonds are a real thing.