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But as your story suggests, there is still plenty of interpersonal racism towards the Asian community. Luckily for me, I grew up in a bubble of a city in north Texas where my high school had a 25%+ Asian population with a bunch of Chinese and Indian communities and through my 18 so years of living there I had not once experienced an act of interpersonal racism, and rarely heard stories of them from friends (they usually lived somewhere else before). I even lived in an old white neighborhood and everyone was just super nice and were even interested in our Indian customs. I think about my life a lot and it’s astonishing how different my life could have been if I had grown up in the wrong city with the wrong people. Sorry, you had to go through all that.

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This might/will probably change over time (edit: generations) as institutions ban practices like redlining but it means that the personal stereotypes of black people as dangerous (because poor neighborhoods tend to have higher violent crime rates, and black people over-index poor, therefore black people are presumed to be committing violent crimes even when they are not) are a lot more deadly. Sure, not being teased, but more likely to be killed by police. This right here. You are conditioned to think you must acknowledge the plight of black ppl in order to speak on your experiences. Were a country that is constantly looking for something to be offended at, to the point where we live in fear of being labeled racists for not beginning every thought with a caveat of how racist society is.