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Also, we know they have access to a truth potion, yet they carry out a whole trial for Harry when he uses magic outside of Hogwarts. What kind of a ridiculous waste of resources is that? Why would you ever have a trial in the wizarding world? Just give them some truth potion and ask “did you do it” There are tons of examples like this. I think J.K. Rowling just invented magic stuff to get the characters out of whatever bind they were in, then just completely forgot that item existed when she was writing later books.

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Harry was only able to see thestrals after Critic’s death. They say one can only see thestrals after witnessing and comprehend death. Harry had already seen his parents being murdered (ok, he was a baby..) but in the sorcerer’s stone movie, Harry kills professor Quirrell with his on hands, so…In In interstellar, the story hinges on some explorers sacrificing their lives to explore potentially habitable exoplanets. This is a totally absurd premise, as such a mission would always be accomplished with an unmanned probe. A manned mission would never even be considered.