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I’d suggest L’Orignal, Ontario! It’s a little French town whose name literally translates to “The Moose” they have a giant moose sculpture (like 3x the size of an actual moose) that they move every year and it’s kinda fun to look for it. Some people even sowed him a giant Covid mask that he wears proudly. Plus, the village is super friendly, everyone is bilingual and you’re exactly in between Montreal and Ottawa (one hour each way) so it’s perfect! Also, there’s an almost 200-year-old haunted jail that you can visit so that’s nice.

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Torontonian here: I used to smoke. A few winters ago I had my fingers poking out of my jacket sleeve for a few mutes smoking while walking to work. I got frost bite and the skin fell off. It’s mostly healed, but you can still see the discoloration in the part in my hand where the skin was damaged when I wash my hands or when it gets really cold. Fuck Toronto winters.

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