Perfect Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Snow Shirt

I was just in a sheet, signs everywhere saying masks are required, etc, and this guy strolls in with no mask and the proudest look on his face. Unfortunately, our president made it a point of pride to not wear masks and I don’t think even with a mandate that they would comply. I see American attitudes as the biggest barrier here – little need for police enforcement/fines in east Asian countries because people understand masks are one of the most important ways to control spread. This “freedom to decide if I want” attitude in the USA is self-defeating (and deadly) – we would be more “free” if we stopped this b.s. and the associated 1000 deaths/day for 7 months.

Perfect Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Snow Shirt


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And then later on in November, the border may open to tourist from Mexico which is opening the border up to even more people who may carry the virus, I’ve worked in retail for 10 years and those holiday shoppers are a handful and even more so now that they’ll finally have a chance to come over and shop. México has a ton of people who are driven by religion and faith in homeopathic treatments who are extremely susceptible to misinformation if it sounds smart enough, also Hispanics love to have family over to make some carne asada (bbq).