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She just says things like “grumpy today?” “Are you always so chatty?”. My point being, she addresses the behavior, not its roots. I’ve seen this diffuse in so many situations. I think this is because acknowledging the racism, compounds it. Acknowledging the behavior instead forces the offender to acknowledge it. And more than that, shows the offender that if the attitude is not warranted by anything my GF has done, then they are literally getting angry at a skin tone. When it’s framed like this it highlights its absurdity.

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Drama queen much… you’re night isn’t going to end in you partner being killed unless he was high on some drugs and not cooperating with police… either way shitty people, boggles my mind how someone could care about such a small thing about another person… hate the politics sure… but don’t be a dick to another human, that requires a lot more effort…??