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Okay… He’d be 4th on the list of longest-tenured with the same team even if his AC time had been with Portland as he was hired as an assistant with Dallas after Carlisle became HC in Dallas. The only reason I put Kerr on the list was to point out that he didn’t belong, not to suggest he was gotten, so I’m sorry if there was confusion. Stotts is 4, then Rivers, Stevens, Brown, then Kerr at 8. He’s not saying you aren’t. He’s saying sometimes continuity works out as it does with the Spurs or Warriors and it’s long-term greatness, or it doesn’t and you get long-term shittiness like with Chicago or long-term mediocrity like with the Kings.

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The only teams where I’d feel confident that they’re confident with their coaching 5 years down the line are Celtics, Raps, Warriors, Mavs. The Clippers and Nuggets are also teams where Doc and Malone could buy 5 years with a great playoff. Everyone else isn’t good enough or tenured enough to feel safe for 5. Even among those four, I can see Kerr calling it quits once the Warriors fade. He has his back problems and has already accomplished so much as a coach and has so much money already as a player and executive. It would make sense for him to leave the daily grind of travel and coaching. Also, Carlisle has been coaching for 30 years already. He probably also tires of it somewhat soon.

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