Perfect Funny Joe Biden’s Fly Swatter Funny Shirt

Murder. After seeing horror movies that make deaths look accurate real-life gore doesn’t bother me. I don’t look for live deaths but there’s a kid in class that pays to see em live. He showed me a few. Doesn’t bother me anymore. I used to be absolutely terrified of hurricanes and tornadoes. I had a lot of extreme anxiety from the sounds it made. probably mostly because of storm movies from the 90s.

Funny Joe Biden’s Fly Swatter Funny Shirt

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Up until the 5th-grade field trip. I got bet 10 bucks, a slice of pizza, and an ice cream that I wouldn’t go on this super insane one that went straight up and down. I did. I nearly threw up after, but I LOVED IT. I went on over and over until we had to leave, and roller coasters are some of my favorite rides to date now.

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