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Ezra and Thrawn are on the bridge of the Star Destroyer and its windows are shattered bc of the Purgills. They do the hyperspace jump to who knows where, and then in the epilogue, Sabine and Ashoka leave to try and find him and the show ends. Show creators have confirmed Ezra and Thrawn are alive after the jump. But the windows were shattered. They traveled through space with broken windows. That’s not how it works, they should be dead as fuck. All the Jedi in the council are able to “sense” how strong Anakin is when he’s only a child, but none of them are able to detect the powerful Sith Lord that prowls in front of them, i.e., Senator Palpatine?

Perfect Every Great Auntie Says The F Word Shirt


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Why the Night King in Game of Thrones didn’t just stay back on his dragon and wait for his army of the dead to kill all the living? But it wouldn’t even matter since Jaime, Brienne and Sam had multiples lives. Plus the dead guys not attacking Jon when they surrounded him. I still liked the episode though even if it made no sense. What about gasoline? Without Sta-Bil in it, modern gasoline is unusable in a matter of a few weeks. How is it (The Walking Dead, I’m looking at you) that cars are still operable well past that point?