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I think you should talk to your dad. Ask him how to handle other family members. You were attacked and defending yourself. I want to give you a big hug and just chill in the couch watching a movie. Maybe your dad will do that with you? Or maybe you can hang out at a friend’s house. (With mask) Feel free to show your mother this post. She is being unreasonable and not supportive. Her child was attacked. She should be defending you and demanding consequences for their daughter.

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I think you should clarify your side of the story before things get out of hand. Who knows what lies your cousin is telling everyone. Clarify your side of things. Violence is bad but you were only trying to defend yourself. Your cousin needs help because there is something wrong with her. Just make a group chat with them, send a wall of text with your side of things and photos from where she scratched/punched.

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