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They aren’t capable. Automation can’t solve long-tail problems. Trying to deal with it with humans breaks their business model and would border on not being profitable anymore. They’re literally hoping to hold onto business while they somehow spread to the parts of the world that still haven’t learned to click on ads. One day, most of this shit is going to collapse because it’s based on strategies so asymmetric that trying to fix them would be less preferable than giving up.

Penn State Nittany Lions One Nation Under God Shirt


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I don’t know about most of it. There is still value is advertising, it isn’t inherently evil. I have never bought anything from a web ad, but I have gone to see a local band play after hearing about it on a local podcast or the radio, tried a local restaurant after seeing their flyer, and used the Amazon or whatever referral link on sites I frequent to go buy something I was going to get anyway. It is just the kind of loud and in your face annoying stuff that is going to die.