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I hope they don’t back down like Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot. Sucks cause I’ve been going to Lowe’s and Home Depot for projects I’m doing. I will stick to local hardware stores instead then. The employees at these places didn’t even wear masks Most of the “actual” subs were formed by people too openly racists and shitty for the original sub. The people that post in public freakouts are some of the lowest dregs of Reddit and the ones too shitty for that cesspit went off and formed their own sub so they could be even shittier.

Peace Love Halloween Michael Myers Shirt

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They can say whatever they want. Actually following through and enforcing it is another thing. We’ve had a mask mandate where I live since the middle of April and the fast-food restaurants are the absolute worst about actually enforcing it. Their own employees don’t even wear masks. So I feel like this is more of a just telling people what they want to hear for good publicity kind of thing.