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Our leadership needs to watch the Chinese videos to understand why materials are getting used up faster than they can be made. Sure China could have done even better, like not caused the outbreak in the first place by using better food handling practices etc. but their reaction to the problem appears much more responsive than ours. Look at the numbers, we’re obviously doing a horrible job. Asking auto to make ventilators is interesting. Like asking a carpenter to make a spaceship. Our local MFG sucks so bad that we have to ask our only local MFG to do a job that they don’t have expertise in. Who’s locally making the masks/gowns we need to ramp up on? Our reliance on the global market is way too high.

Pack My Diapers I’m Going Firefighting With Grandpa Firefighter Fire Truck Shirt


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Good luck! Our leaders are learning just like us, rather than go after them for changing their stances I’d like to see our media go after them moving forward plans and how those meet our short and long term needs. Also what plans will be put in place for future-proofing. Alberta doctors have aa different problem; the Alberta government refuses to pay family doctors enough to pay overhead so they are actually losing money by working. Practices will close whether the doctors want them to or not.

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