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I asked her why it would be so world-changing, if, in fact, Michelle Obama was a trans person. The lady went off on a tangent about how if Michelle lied about being a man then there MUST be other huge conspiracies and lies out there… It was just wild…I ended up having to physically distance myself from this person because she was just following me around spouting nonsense about Obama and talking about how great Trump was… Oh, and she was wearing a flag as a cape. Is this legit a real story? I guess not too shocking. 45% of the country thinks Q is real.

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There is something wrong with the fact that they can get fired for their racism when they post something online, but when their racism ends in someone dying, they walk away with a slap on the wrist and then an apology for slapping their wrist. The center of Pennsylvania is known as Pennsyltucky by most of the people that live in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia – upheld by our election maps too – this kind of racism isn’t limited to the ‘south that’s why I stay on i95 and just skim by that state.

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