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Zeus is not only violating the laws, but her territory as well because she is the Goddess of Marriage & Birth. She gave the ultimatum to Zeus to get rid of his addiction or she leaves. He refused and she left. As humans we are of course defensive of our existence but if we were to think of humanity as the Gods and the humans as mosquitoes or another species we made extinct due to being annoying. If you asked me if I would eliminate all mosquitoes or lose my wife, I would 99% eliminate the mosquitoes(there of course is the exception of by doing it you doom yourself to a worse fate but that is likely in this case). It is even easier because it is not a whole species but just one woman. We can in fact see this happen with pets where despite loving our pets we put them down to avoid further suffering. So I agree with Hera a lot more despite the outcome and being human.

Original Trump Protest Costume Anti Trump Lie 2020 Shirt


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I mean, those two giants seem to be a Cyclops and a Hekatonkeire. according to popular versions of the Greek myth, the (Elder) Cyclopes and the Hekatonkeires (6 of each) were the eldest brood between Gaia and Ouranos and were cast into Tartarus by their father. In the first episode, it is shown that the Hekatonkeire throwing massive spears/ javelins, while in the popular versions they were known for throwing rocks the size of mountains.