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First, most protests are peaceful and people like to exaggerate the violence present at the protests to get quick likes on Twitter also most of the time people hurt large corporations if you check they also destroyed a McDonald’s glass windows later on. In almost all protests against the state/police property destruction will occur people in hong kong were doing this as well as a valid form of protest. I’m sure most of us here do not actively encourage it but it is understandable especially when people are frustrated, no large social changes in history have ever occurred through peaceful marching alone.

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People bitch and moan about rioters breaking up big company’s shit, but when companies spent millions lobbying against them they eat it up like pigs in slop. At least in the US, not sure around the world. Mom and pop stores yeah, not great, but I’ll never shed a tear when a Walmart has So destroy the fucking police stations not the general store you dumb fucks, this is why you get a bad wrap because it looks like you’re clearly just trying to loot and don’t care about the cause, throw shit at government buildings but keep fire department and medical staff out of it, throw things at government buildings and police stations not fucking TK Max

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