Original Skeleton Biker Halloween Shirt

Years ago, a clown-like Trump would’ve been fairly easy to call out on his constant lies and prepubescent rhetorics. What people seem to forget about his supporters, is that they don’t care about facts – which is kind of a prerequisite if you want to support him in the first place. If every single newspaper would point out the faults and lies of the unhinged mango.

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Original Skeleton Biker Halloween Shirt

Good, ’cause I have a hot date tonight. Dinner with friends. (lie detector buzzes) Dinner alone. (lie detector buzzes) Watching TV alone. (lie detector buzzes) Alright! I’m going to sit at home and ogle the ladies in Victoria’s Secret catalog. (lie detector buzzes) Sears catalog. (lie detector dings) Now, would you unhook this already

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