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I don’t understand this argument. I want to go to college. It cost x dollars to attend. I finance x dollars. I get out of college. I owe x dollars. I now don’t want to pay x dollars. My wife has as 20 k left. Pretty sure it’s at 1.24 % “a bit of a guess they’re not sure” but it’s our lowest interest rate. What’s the problem. He can’t do that. It would cost over a trillion dollars. Congress authorizes spending, not the president. Supreme Court would toss that one out real fast.

Original Santa With Face Mask 2020 Christmas Shirt


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Fuck it… I’ll pay for your college just like I did for my kids. Because we know your parents didn’t give a fuck about your future all they cared about was the sex. If they could have afforded an abortion after you were conceived I’m sure that would have been their choice, they probably spent the money for the abortion at the local liquor store or your dad spent it on the whore he was fucking while your mom was sleeping in the basement. No never mind your not worth it and we who already paid for the educations want our money back too! Do you think China will loan the government some more money for all your fucked up ideas?