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In this manner, the Senate and House are both checks against the President, but neither one can significantly halt the leadership of the President on their own. And we, as voters, suddenly have it in our interest to vote for people of real ethical character, and not political hacks. Additionally, maybe we could have it so that if 1/10th of registered voters submit to the White House, using the White House petition system, that we do not want whatever EO the President puts out, then it is an automatic stay and must be passed by Congress first. In this way, the People also have a means of stopping the President, and it does not require as significant of a burden. It is entirely possible that either party could shutdown a wildly unpopular executive order.

Original My Manager Posters Shirt

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That’s not how it works. Generally speaking, he can go with whoever is currently next in line at that agency, or with someone else confirmed by the Senate for some other position, or with another very senior person who was at the agency when the last confirmed officeholder left. He can’t just appoint anyone he feels like as Acting Secretary of [Whatever]. I honestly don’t think that is true. The president has a lot of power, but how exactly would that work? It would take an act of Congress to approve the funds to pay everyone’s debt. The alternative would be to effectively steal billions of dollars from whoever holds the debt. I’m no fan of debt management firms, but there’s no way that would hold up legally.