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It’s one thing for a vet to say that (I know multiple who hate the phrase “thank you for your service” and don’t feel like what they did was “good”) but as a citizen who did not have to serve, I think there is a widely held view that you should show reverence toward those who died while serving. That’s such a weird thing to even think of for a daughter born rich and raised to be entitled… like out of nowhere she’s going to have this moral need to do this and he wants to make sure she’s punished for it if that happens.

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To be honest, I think there’s a substantial portion that knows he’s not, but they don’t care because – and this is the key idea – they know he’s more against liberals. They love Trump because they enjoy seeing liberals lose their shit over him. They love that he’s blatantly racist, sexist, anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant, and so on. They don’t care that he doesn’t uplift them, as long as he keeps shitting on people they perceive as their enemy.