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Why am I paying if I’m too awkward to inconvenience them with my house burning down?) and stood there, watching the very full pot of oil slowly burn (the lid didn’t form a tight enough seal to deny air, but it cut down on it dramatically, minimizing it to a small flame) because I didn’t want to risk carrying the pot outside and sloshing burning oil everywhere. I now order my Mozza sticks from restaurants. The scorch marks make for a fun conversation piece. My grandmother dumped her ashtray in the kitchen pantry garbage can before bed one night.

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I look into the kitchen, and one of the burners has fire coming off of it. We’d bought this bag of extremely greasy noodles, and while cooking them, one had fallen into that bell-bit under the coil, where it instantly lit up. I’d say 9/10 times a random fire under the burner is an escaped noodle going up. Pasta burns really well. I actually use spaghetti as a long match for lighting very deep candles. Still basically asleep, I calmly went over, grabbed the tub of baking soda I keep by the oven, doused the burning noodle with it, and went back to bed. The whole thing took about 30 seconds.

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