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A person who avoids taxes is a TRUE PATRIOT though guys. Nothing says I love my country more than being a total burden and contributing nothing to society. No wonder the right loves him. He’s a total drain on the system. He has loans he has guaranteed that he cannot pay and will be due in the next 4 years. He will do anything he can to cheat because if he loses, he will have no way to pay the loans. If he stays in power he can try to weasel his way out. A President should not be in debt to anyone, it is a huge conflict of interest and it compromises the President.

Original Butterfly You May Say I’m A Dreamer But I’m Not The Only One Shirt


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His residences are part of the family business, as are the golf courses where he spends so much time. He has classified the cost of his aircraft, used to shuttle him among his homes, as a business expense as well. Haircuts — including more than $70,000 to style his hair during “The Apprentice” — have fallen into the same category. So did almost $100,000 paid to a favorite hair and makeup artist of Ivanka Trump. Since 2000, he has reported losing more than $315 million at the golf courses that he often describes as the heart of his empire. Much of this has been at Trump National Doral, a resort near Miami that he bought in 2012. And his Washington hotel, opened in 2016, has lost more than $55 million.