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I’ve had it happen a few times when starting a new job. Your manager takes you around the workplace and introduces you to everyone. Even though everyone will shake your hand and say ‘great to meet you’, there is usually a person or two that you just get a negative vibe from. Over time, you discover that person is difficult to work with. Not always the case, but it seems to apply the vast majority of the time.

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Don’t be. Trust your gut feeling. I was head hunted to a company where everybody I met was super nice and they had a beautiful office etc. Walking around seeing the place gave me a weird gut feeling that I couldn’t really put my finger on. Everything seemed great and the salary was awesome. So what was the problem? The funny fealing was collective fear. No one was safe at this company. People, where let, go on the day for basically anything. If they didn’t find a reason to let you go they would move your desk to a comfortable place and stop inviting you to meetings basically ignoring you until you quit.