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Even Elizabeth Warren has commented before how much of a threat Soleimani is to US interests abroad. You should be asking yourselves why an Iranian top commander was in Iraq committing acts of terrorism with free will. Sorry, but we have a world order. As the Spanish say, ‘ drink chocolate, pay what you owe ‘. The good general finally got to pay his bill. Don’t commit acts of terrorism and don’t travel with well-known terrorists like al-Muhandis if you don’t want what’s coming to you. Amazing how liberals love a terrorist like Soleimani, yet cheered when Obama launched a foreign attack to kill a terrorist like Bin Laden.

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Soleimani tried to play both sides and supported Shiite terrorists while also quelling them in order to appear powerful and to destabilize the region. Soleimani was plotting a lot more terrorist attacks against US interests abroad. For far too long, Iran has gotten away with whatever it wanted because prior administrations were too afraid to show spine against Iranian aggression (tanker bombings, attacks on the USN, rocket attacks killing Americans, etc.). Welp, sorry, the game has changed now that we have someone in office who finally isn’t afraid to flex muscle when we are being attacked. You can bet you’re behind Iran will now think twice before trying.

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