Ohio State Buckeyes One Nation Under God Shirt

I’d like to be an organ donor/ donate my body to science. At that point I ain’t gonna need any of my parts so I’d love to be able to give ’em to those who may need them. And if I can’t do that then I think it’d be pretty cool to donate my body so that medical students can expand their knowledge on human anatomy. Basically, I wanna be able to help people even after I’m dead! When you’re done, cremate me. Sprinkle a little bit in the garden of my childhood home. I don’t know yet where I’d like the rest; I have a lot of traveling I’d like to do before I go, and hope to find just the right spot.

Ohio State Buckeyes One Nation Under God Shirt


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Ohio State Buckeyes One Nation Under God Shirt

I want any part of me that can be used to help someone to be used. That means if they flay my corpse for skin grafts, peel my scalp for hair transplants, take my organs, bones, whatever. If it will help someone else, use it. Whatever’s left, burn it. If I actually manage to leave any money behind, maybe I’ll set something up with the place that turns cremains into manufactured diamonds or something. I feel like jewelry is less creepy than an urn on a mantle.