Ohio State Buckeyes One Nation Under God Shirt

Clinging all hopes to a vaccine is absolutely not the answer. Coronavirus vaccines are notoriously difficult and risky. SARS, a closely related disease and virus, still don’t have a vaccine and that outbreak was like 2003. The best solution is to pursue drugs to treat it to mitigate symptoms in people where they get bad, as much as possible. And promote quarantining and social isolation to keep the spread slow, so that hospitals aren’t overwhelmed at once while treating patients. It’s almost impossible to totally prevent it until a vaccine is available if one ever does pass trials since this disease is just too contagious and a vaccine is so far out.’

Ohio State Buckeyes One Nation Under God Shirt


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We were on spring break last week. I had several students ask me before the break if I thought we would end up having school canceled due to the virus. I told them I’d be shocked if we didn’t lose at least a week or two. They were really surprised – but I told them I’d been following the story for a couple of months and when it got here, we’d be closed.