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Certainly, case law doesn’t help, but let’s please not pretend that jury racism isn’t also a thing. Police have been acquitted in cases where it was manifestly obvious that no one was in danger at all. So long as the cop is white and the victim is black, there are many places in the country where they can outright shoot an unarmed man fleeing in the back and racists will go the old southern style jury nullification route. Anything outside that moment is supposedly not relevant to the case, that’s why stuff like the “You’re fucked” being engraved on a weapon can’t be used as evidence in a murder trial.

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I would suggest that it’s not so much “becoming” that way, but has instead, only marginally improved since then, and many of us (especially white people, like me) are only now becoming aware of how pervasive this really is. I mean, cops have been getting away with this stuff for decades, when they’re brought to trial at all. Look at Rodney King. It is more like people overreacted to a situation that they don’t have all the facts about and once they come out it is pretty clear what happens. Saying conservatives are blandly defending murder just shows how partisan this post was.