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Despite the fact that we don’t understand nothingness, thinking about before life is a blunt reminder that it exists, and makes it seem more probable that there’s nothing afterlife. However, is best to have hope and try to ignore the proof that indicates emptiness, since trying to understand it is absolutely impossible and will only make you feel awful and completely unable to live your life, like a horrible Lovecraftian horror. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to the terrible thoughts spirals that have kept me awake until 3 am for the last few days. Have a nice day!.

Official True Crime No time For Clowning Around Vintage Retro Shirt


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Muslims believe that prior to being born in this world, all human beings were formerly born in a different world. The state of human beings at the time of that initial birth is referred to as “Aalam-e-Arwah. The actual definition of Aalam-e-Arwah is the time (also called “Ahad Alast” by the Quran) spent by humans in another world before coming down to this earth.