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The Leviathan and other gigantic sea monsters. Reportedly, I almost drowned as a kick and I have a phobia of water I can’t see in, this applies to pools when I’m alone and have my eyes closed. On a much larger scale is the ocean where we have no idea what’s out there. Sure, the probability of gigantic mythological sea monsters is pretty slim but if they do exist I’ll never go back to the ocean because I can’t think of the worst way to die than being their prey.

Official This Girl Loves Her Crowley Shirt


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I’m scared I’ll never get sober. I keep trying every day but it’s so hard to follow through. I just can’t stop drinking and getting high all the time. Now I can’t even feel normal anymore – normal feel all fucked up and weird. Being high is the new normal. Being framed for a murder and going to prison, and having to murder someone just to survive. 20 years later the court realized their mistake “whoops”!” But they can’t release you because you are now serving time for the murder you actually did.