Official Teacher The Pigeon Has To Go To School Shirt

No child chooses to believe in democracy, religion, human rights, or the free market either, and yet they’re forced down our throats every second of our life. Do you have a problem with brainwashing children or do you just have a problem when it’s the brainwashing you don’t like instead of the one you do? The idea of somebody legitimately believing that banning choice is the ultimate expression of freedom is hilarious, thank you.

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When I taught students like this, sometimes I would turn a corner and they would be alone taking or lounging with the masks up. As soon as they saw me they pulled it down. This was always funny or sad depending on my Mood. You can look through history and see that women, left to their own devices, don’t choose to wear that kind of thing. It is oppression and brainwashing that some women now choose to do so.

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