Official Syrup Chugging Champion Shirt

There are some really good youtube videos on how to make your own masks. Very easy to make. We have been making some for assisted living homes, churches, and people. We are using HVAC filters for the inside of them. You buy the ones that say they are good for viruses, cut them up, and put them inside your masks. Check out the videos, they are using HEPA filter vac. Bags too. If you’re not wearing full face protection including goggles, a mask does very little. Leave them for healthcare workers who actually need them. Social distancing and banning large gatherings does far more to stop the spread of the virus than covering your mouth and nose.

Official Syrup Chugging Champion Shirt

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Instead of putting out the fire when it was manageable with an evidence-based, globally enforced response, we argued the toss over whether the fire was imaginary and how extinguishers were just too expensive to invest in. Posts like this are now just us gawking over how much of the house is now missing while we bankrupt ourselves trying to repair the damage. They are woefully unprepared to test over a billion people, never mind the few hundred million who are well off. They were not taking it seriously (called for a sloppy nationwide shutdown just a few days ago with zero planning which causes riots). People will die like they do every day and things will go mostly unreported.

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